Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 New Year Goals!

My Goals for 2015!


Eat Healthier & Exercise

Every year I vow to lose weight sometimes I do, sometimes I gain what I lost the year before.  This year I'm not going to "care" about the weight loss part, just the healthier eating and exercising part.  I want to make sure I get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  I want to make better food choices, mainly cooking at home.  I want to keep evolving on this, I hope that losing weight will be a beneficial side effect. 



I want to be fully on top of my budget.  Normally I will be good for awhile but then it'll slip away from me and it will slide to the point that we have to be good and the cycle continues.  I admit I have had a few late fees here and there.  I hate fees, it takes away so much.  That is why this year I need to stick with it and prove to myself we can do it.


De-clutter and Organize

I treat my house like a dumping ground a lot of times.  I do not like this part of myself.  When the house get's bad I cannot function well.  I want to stay on top of it.  I want the house to be nice, it doesn't have to be perfect but nice enough that I am not ashamed of it.  My motto the less work I have to do the better.  I am creating guidelines for me to clean up the house and then maintain it.  I'm sure this will change as habits start to form.

Craft and Scrapbook

I want to be on top of my card making, making sure that people receive their cards in time.  Part of this goal is to use at least 25% of my stash, not sure how I am going to prove I had used 25% but I will make note, only buying what I absolutely need like tape refills, glue etc.  No more patterned paper until I see shelves completely empty.  Also part of this I want to scrapbook more of my husband and I.  I always envisioned making scrapbook pages of my kids, but that dream will not come to light.  After spending some time with older family members and seeing how memories slip away I have vowed that I will make pages of our memories so when we get older we can remember the good times, we don't need kids to do that we have each other.  So I am capturing all that I can.


I mean this in the literal sense and the philosophical.  I want to use my hands and build things, like a closet organizer, step stool for my little pup Annabelle, etc.  But I also want to build myself up. After finally coming to terms that we will never become parents to the human form I hit rock bottom.  I now want to build myself up so that I am the best person I can be for me, my husband, our families and friends.  We will leave this one as it is and see where I am by the end of the year.
That sums up my goals for 2015.