Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mix Media - 4 Cube Drawer

I created a mixed media 4 drawer shelf back in August. I am now just getting to posting the pictures and instructions.

For this project I used medium weight natural chipboard .  It's the chipboard I had on hand.  If I would do it again I would either do it with the black or the white.  For a better overall luck I used ink to cover the natural look on open spaces.  The links below will direct you to the chipboard. 

Grafix Medium Weight Chipboard Sheets, 12-Inch by 12-Inch, Natural, 25-Pack

Grafix Medium Weight 12 Inch by 12 Inch Chipboard Sheets, Black 25/Package

Grafix Medium Weight 12-Inch-by-12-Inch Chipboard-Sheets, White 25-Pack

I was able to create this drawer system in a weekend.  I had an idea on what I wanted and then just started to plan it.  I originally wanted to add a pencil holder to it and other items but the way this one is designed it would make it difficult to get to the side drawers.  I wanted it designed this way because the back is facing a wall and I will not access it.  I have thought of an alternate design that I have also shared the idea with the plans that I will have the link below to download.  The alternate design would be for a shared desk.  Having the drawers on the side then you can have a pencil holder in front and not hinder access to the drawers. 

You may even upgrade it with a Lazy Susan - Lazy Susan Bearings, 3", 5/16" Thick, 200-lb. Capacity

Below are photos of my creation



Covered Side


Front Drawers Out
If you are interested in the design and list of materials download the file here