Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dog food update

The dogs love their food.  Their coats are soft and supple.  They are having less health problems.  I am amazed at the results.  My boys started to lose weight so I consulted our vet. the dogs needed more food, I needed to feed them by weight and not by volume.  I weigh out their food and it has been great.

With the vets guidance here is an updated version of the recipe that I created.  I need to make double the recipe for one day of food for the dogs.  Snoopy and Leo eat 2 pounds and Annabelle 12 ounces. My food scale is getting a workout.

Here is the new recipe

4 oz ground beef (not lean)
1 egg
3 C rice
3 T veggie puree
1 t calcium carbonate (crushed egg shells)

Brown the beef, do not drain add egg and break into small pieces.  Combine beef, egg and grease with rice, add veggie puree and calcium carbonate.  Stir until well combined.  Makes approximately 2 lbs 12 oz of food.

The vegetable puree is pretty much the same except I use what vegetables that we have on hand that the dogs can eat.  I have added fruit at times.  I make a big batch and freeze what I do not use for the next batch.